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Oliver's provides premium quality "real food" that is fresh, natural, and free from additives and preservatives. Oliver’s stores operate 7 days a week across a network of stores along the arterial highways of Australia's eastern seaboard.

About Oliver's

Believed to be the world's first certified organic fast food chain, Oliver's operated out of over 25 locations along the arterial highways of Australia's eastern seaboard.

It's business is to provide its customers with premium quality "real food" that is fresh and natural, free from additives and preservatives, 7 days a week at major highway locations.

The majority of food and beverages sold is prepared by Oliver's company-owned kitchens with the balance provided by independant third-party contractors. Over 90% of the products are Oliver's branded.

Food is prepared daily from fresh, natural and organic produce - nothing artificial and no additives. Coffee is fair trade organic.

In addition, Oliver's also owns and operates the Red Dragon Organics brand, which is also part of the Oliver's Real Food Group. Red Dragon Organics produces and distributes specialised beverage products through Oliver's stores and to over 500 retailers and cafes in metropolitan centres.

Board of Directors

The Oliver's Board of Directors bring relevant experience and skills, including industry and business knowledge, financial management and corporate governance experience.

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